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Dare to do? Have enough tolerance? Then behold!

Feeling tipsy enough? Well hold onto your sober horses as svkm brings to yall a game inspired by beer pong with a twist. In this game of fear pong each team will be having their cups lined with dares beneath them, with the cups holding mystery substance that are gonna send chills down your spine. Do the dare, the cup stays. Fail to do the dare, drink up!


• teams of 3-7 people will be required

• each game will have the opposition targeting 6 cups with dares beneath

• no cursing

• a line will be drawn from which the ball should be released, breaking the line whilst throwing will result in the throw not being counted.

• a total of 5 foul throws could lead to disqualification

• the last team with their cups remaining will win

• losers are decided by the first team to lose all their cups

• do the dare, the cup stays. Fail to do the dare, drink up!



Designed by Harit Keshruwala.

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