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Mahika Jaising


“Everywhere you go now, there’s somebody, with a camcorder, and he is gonna take in, everything”-George carlin.

While the days of camcorders took a page out of the dinosaur’s book, the core point of this slightly modified quote still applies to this date.  If you are that ‘somebody’, who ‘likes to take in everything’, but also likes to go a step further and showcase your skills to everyone, this is the competition for you.

Regardless of whether you’re someone with the highest-end DSLR with a lens large enough to see the moon or someone who whips out their phone at sight of even the slightest interest, this is

No doubt a competition that one Lucas gentry would say is for you -

                   “photography has nothing to with do with cameras”- Lucas gentry

The process is simple, a topic of getting a picture, with emphasis on taken in the likeness of your understanding of cinema, which will have to be submitted on 21st December, latest by 11 pm.

This will be followed by 13-15 hours for the likes to flow in, after which the one with the most likes and another selected by our judges will, in a truly democratic fashion, be declared the victors.

Each student can nominate two pictures that will have to be taken on 1st February 2020, at culturama itself.



·        Phones have to be brought by the participants.

·        Use of DSLRs/mirrorless cameras is not permitted since this adds an unfair advantage.

·        Use of abusive/inappropriate language will result in disqualification.

·        Plagiarism of fellow competitors/third party’s image will result in disqualification.

·        This is a pre-registered event

·        The deadline for submission of the pictures is 11 pm, 29th December 2020.



Designed by Harit Keshruwala.

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